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About Our Company

Eternal Flame Candle Company, LLC is a company in Bowie, Maryland that creates and sells a wide variety of all-natural scented candles to customers nationwide. The “Eternal Flame” in our company name came from our owner’s time in the navy. The blue flame in our logo symbolizes the spiritual presence of our fallen soldiers who continue to watch over us and whose memories burn in our hearts eternally.

About The Owner

Leading a black-owned and veteran-owned business, Antoine Bias has spent years crafting and perfecting Eternal Flame Candle Company, LLC’s luxury candles. By using unique scents and vibrant colors, he ensures that every family and home will enjoy a heart-warming experience. His candles have proven to be slow-burning, leaving a lingering scent throughout homes. The quality of these candles is a direct reflection of Antoine’s hard work and dedication to his craft.

Antoine became interested in creating candles because of his love for scents and candles. As a veteran who served in the US Navy, he wanted to create a product that was near and dear to his heart. He came up with the "Eternal Flame" company name to commemorate fallen and wounded Armed Forces members. The blue flame in his logo is a symbol of spiritual presence, representing the fallen soldiers and sailors who will burn in our hearts forever. Eternal Flame Candle Company, LLC has created a tradition of love, happiness, and memories with our families. 

Mission Statement

Nothing brings a family closer than bonding while a scented candle is burning in the background. We hope to tighten the bond between family members by providing candles with warm scents.

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